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T-Top Stories, Near Death Experiences..

This is a discussion on T-Top Stories, Near Death Experiences.. within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by scooley a gross friend of mine tried to shoot the moon thru the t top, nasty bastard. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooley View Post
    a gross friend of mine tried to shoot the moon thru the t top, nasty bastard. just glad he didnt shart in my car.
    LOL! He said Shart!

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    i almost had a t-top accident. when i was dating this girl in sac i drove up to get her and it was perfect t-top weather and when i picked her up she didnt want to get her hair messed up(me thinkin your gonna get that messed up when your blow'n me) well i took the t-tops out and she saying that she knows all about cars and that she was gonna put her side in . well i put mine in she does as well i start driving from her house and get up to about 40 and i feel this rush of air and see that her side is lifting right up so i slam on the brakes and lock it down scared the hell out of her. well needless to say i messed up her hair and left a nice mess on her back about two hours later!

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    Got a few stories about t-tops considering i've had 5 f- body's and between me, my mom and dad and my sister we have had 17 f bodys.

    I remember a key party that got out of hand one night. I had left the windows cracked in my 92 camaro, needed a place to sleep and had no keys. Got my hand in just enough to undo the top and went to sleep. woke up in the morning and left. On the way home heard the familiar whoosh only to see it cartwheel into the air and slide down the road, off the curb and into a neighbors bushes. turned around to find out it was in 1 piece, but scratched all to crap. popped it on and went home. It was an acrilic top, I ended up sanding and polishing it back to almost perfect. Loved those plastic tops!

    This one wasn't me but my dad, He fell asleep at the wheel coming home from an 18 hour shift one night and rolled his 85 z28. Both tops flew out but survived amazingly.

    Once after cleaning my 02 z28 I decided to go to the gas station. The road leading to the station is a nice strait half mile with little traffic. I decided to do a quick pull being I hadn't driven the car in a while. at about 90 the pass t-top stood strait up, turned 90 degrees and shot up like a rocket on the 4th of july. Almost in slow motion. I may be over doing the height alittle but it seemed like 30 or more feet it the air. I jammed brakes and watch it spinning to the ground. Luckily it came down in the only vacant lot on the street. It cartwheeled a few times and wedged in between 2 trees. Turned around figuring it was toast. Unlogded the t-top to find out only the plastic surrounding was scratched. still using it to this day. Luckily no pavement involved in that one.

    Heres the last one, This one involved the targa top on a vette, but still relevant I guess. I'm not going into the story on this one (there was a lawsuit with gm) but i had a 6 month old 94 vette that I went off the road in at a state patrol estimated 130 mph. hit a small group of saplings and went dukes of hazzard style 60 - 70 feet landing on the front end and then end over end 5-7 times. The targa was in the hatch when this happened but it flew out in the woods and was found 50 feet from the car with barely a scratch. Which is more than I can say for the vette. Best thing was we walked away with very minor scratches, a sore neck and arm.

    Thats about all the t-top mishaps I can think of. Hope you all enjoyed.

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