Hey guys, so for this summer I have decided to forgo doing a whole head and cam build to save up and pay down some of my college loans that are piling up. So instead I am going to be buying 3 items for my Camaro that are sorely needed.
1st thing I am going to buy is Tubular Subframe Connectors, because lets be honest. It should have been my first modification when I bought the car.
2nd thing I am going to buy is a Panhard Bar and Lower Control arm package. Reason I want to buy this is I have been recently getting some wheel hop on launches which is not a fun thing to have. Another reasoning is that looking at the stock pieces just makes me think what was GM thinking. They look rather crappy to say the least.
3rd think I am going to buy is a set of headlights. I am done buffing my headlights every 3 months and I am going to take the plunge and buy some sort of headlight. I was thinking a set of projector lights that only have 2 bulbs instead of 3.

What are your guys thoughts on the list? Any comments negative or positive are welcome.