I've got a daily driver 00 Z28 that has about 82K miles on it and I'm figuring I will need new shocks and struts soon. I'm not interested in performance suspension for the track or the strip. Just a good set of highway shocks. I've used KYB Gas-A-Justs on several of my other cars and like them very much. I looked at e-bay and they had the KYB Gas-A-Justs, KYB GR2's, KYB AGX's, Tokico HP's, Monroe Monroematics and Springtech NitroGas. I know the GR2's are a softer riding shock than the Gas-A-Justs, but how do the others rate compared to the Gas-A-Justs and are there other shocks of a similar price that would be a better choice for my Camaro?