There's already a mod list on the car but Ive only had it 2 months. Heres a start to the do-it-myself mods.

First, the backrest had the most god awful uncomfortable lumbar support. Ever. So one evening I decided to do something about it. Unclipped the leather seat cover and slid it off the backrest. Turns out the guy before me was a center-seat driver. The foam is torn down the right side or perma-pimp seat! Marked and cut out some foam with my cut off wheel. Reassembled and now its much better, still not the most comfortable but better.

Next was cleaning the K&N filter during an oil change. Then I found the MAF halves and throttle body had corrosion all over it from breathing Florida salt air. A little and research and I decided to polish the parts. I cutout the center pieces in the maf halves and polished with a series of roloc disks. The throttle body took about 15 mins to polish. Maf, much longer. Best part, I polished the parts over a couple days on the break times at work. So, not only the mods were free, I actually got paid to do it!

Next, !EGR/AIR, 160* tstat, and dyno check this saturday.