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Sportlines + Zr tires + Snow = STUCK !!!

This is a discussion on Sportlines + Zr tires + Snow = STUCK !!! within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; wow, thats funny. i didn't think people actually had to drive these things in the snow. I know the big ...

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    wow, thats funny. i didn't think people actually had to drive these things in the snow. I know the big Dodge was hairy in the snow the other morning, 2 bald and 2 good 35's. When the charger lights, you find out, no matter how nice you are to it, 900 lbs of tq sucks in this crap!

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    My car hasn't touched snow yet, the salt is ridiculous around my area right now thats why im great full for the 92 jeep cherokee with a cassette player haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by samuraidonkey View Post
    I couldnt imagine driving our kind of cars during the winter. Must be non-stop white knuckle driving.
    its not bad really...after about 2 weeks my first winter with her..i became a just change your driving dont worry about drive through take corners differently..and you learn to feather the peddle quite winter tires should be in second winter ...first winter was with A/Ss..but they are bald and makes driving in this snow and ice incredibly i will be running some winter tires this season and i need to go buy some bags of salt to put in my trunk for extra weight....last year i put sand bags..about 200lbs worth..and most of them over the course of the summer ripped still sand in my trunk to this day

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    as long as you have weight back there you should be fine. I had a subbox back there and helped a little. It was the kind that took up the whole rear space where the t tops go. It weighed enough to help a little.

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    People are always wondering how to drive an f-body in snow. dont know why
    I mean my dad had always rwd and the tires 30 years ago weren't that good like today. Also back then the cars didn't have antilockbrakes, traction control and all this stuff

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