yeah yeah. my dad got the car for two reasons, one, it gets great mileage, so my step mom drives it to school right now, cuz its a 40 mile commute. So in all, shell only have the car a year. Well at the same time she graduates, which is also when I graduate, my sister turns 16, and she was going to get it.

Well my sister is a whiny bitch and doesn't want it because its a stick shift. So I've been kind of hoping hed offer to me, I was expecting him to just sell it to me after graduation. Then he ordered my stepmom a new forerunner for graduation, and called me yesterday saying I can have it if I want it as soon as the forerunner comes in.

My original plan was to have this as a DD and save for an LS1 soon. but now that hes just giving it to me, I should be able to get one in the next 6 months or so.