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That's why with every single mod I have done, I kept the factory parts ,so it can all go back to factory if need be. No matter how small of a mod. Think I might start on here with selling some of my aftermarket parts and then list the car . I agree dealerships rip ppl off with trades .
That's how alot of people end up selling these things. By returning it to stock and then selling the aftermarket parts separate at least allows you to recoup some of the speed parts money

From what you mentioned for mods on your car, it wouldn't really seem like a big deal to me. A catback exhaust, throttle body, a lid and filter was pretty much the extent of it. That's just simple stuff.
In my opinion it shouldn't affect the sale verses a real "modded" car.
It's the cars with heads, cams, converters, gears, headers with the smog stuff removed, that really bring into question the quality, abuse, of the mods and the work performed. It also affects emmissions output to the point where some buyers simply can't even consider a car like that.
That's another reason why some dealers won't even touch a car modded to that extent.

As far as a price?? They seem to vary depending on which part of the country you live. Not to mention, right now isn't a good time to be selling anything, even a car. I've had an 02 SS vert that the thought of selling has crossed my mind once or twice, but much like you, I don't want to give it away. As a matter of fact, I've had offers for some of the classic stuff I have, but for what people want to pay,,,they can just keep looking.

I wish you luck in your sale, ask what you feel, start higher, because people will always try to knock you down. You have mileage on your side as well. 55K is hard to find on a 10 year old car.