ProCharger Superchargers Techical Insight - Insider

Get the history and the inside scoop on whats makes ProCharger Superchargers so technically advance in the world of superchargers.If racing improves the breed, then ProCharger's vast racing triumphs have come pretty darn close to creating a genetically coded super-specimen by now. In its 15 years in the industry, the company has racked up more than 40 national championships in the highest ranks of competition and has set countless records along the way. ProCharged NMCA racers are well on their way to breaking the 5-second barrier in the quarter, and the company's in-house Nova test mule is on the cusp of cracking 7s on 91-octane fuel. What ProCharger's accomplishments at the track, on the salt, and in the dirt translate into is a superior line of battle-tested supercharger kits for your average weekend warrior.

Photo Gallery: ProCharger Superchargers Techical Insight - Chevy High Performance

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