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power steering?

This is a discussion on power steering? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Ok, so the other night, i was playing around, cut the wheels, and slung the rear around a little...tryin to ...

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    power steering?

    Ok, so the other night, i was playing around, cut the wheels, and slung the rear around a little...tryin to park james bond style. anyway....i cut the wheels, then held it, and let the car come around, but when it was almost back straight, my wheel felt like it locked up, as if i turned the car off. it was kind of a pain to get back straight, but i was sitting where i wanted to be. well then the next day my oil sending unit started leaking, so i havent driven any the last 3 days. got it fixed, took it out today, and the last 2 times i got out of my car, there was a faint burning smell. i assumed it was spilled oil burning off. but ive also noticed that at slow speeds, like parking, the wheel seems harder to turn.

    what could this be?

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    put it in nuetral and rev the engine while turning. if this makes it easier to turn more than likely it is your power steering pump.

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    Possible it may be your PS unit. I never pin the wheel or "lock" it against the stopper. Pinning the wheel is hard on the PS unit because I believe it's a constant pressure unit. So if it cant move the steering componets the pressure has no where to go and begins to build up especially in the pump it self when engine rpms become high. So yes it's probably your PS unit that's going bad. Hahaha way to go there oo7!!
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