On my way home which was a 2 hour drive the check engine light came on. When I got home I filled the car up noticing that I didn't get the MPG that I thought I should have, I used cruise the whole way home. Took it to my work to look the car over and came up with the knock sensors being bad. Now heres a few things beside the bad mpg's, the car feels sluggish at times. Feels like there is something smothering it, maybe its just me. We turned the light off at work but it cane back on about 50 miles later. How does the knock sensor effect performance and gas mileage? I don't expect to get seller gas mileage, but 17 on the freeway seemed kinda low. And is there anybody in central florida that might wanna help me change them for some beer and lunch? lol. I'll help. And are both the sensors the same. I don't really wanna pay $400+ to do it at a shop. Thanks guys.

Car needs a little more TLC than originally thought. But it is overall good shape. It is an AT4. Has the stock manifolds and mid pipe. The muffler is some brand called accelerator. Going to be chaining it to pacesetter header and y-pipe and a SLP loud mouth exhaust.