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Part Installation Question

This is a discussion on Part Installation Question within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Well, I'm still looking/saving for an '99-'01 Z28 and am planning out what I want to do with it - ...

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    Question Part Installation Question

    Well, I'm still looking/saving for an '99-'01 Z28 and am planning out what I want to do with it - hopfully around June I'll be ready to make the plunge. I had a '98 Z28 a couple years ago and had to sell it before I was able to afford to put any fun parts on it. My question is regarding whether to install parts myself or get them installed. I'm not worried about easy stuff like cold air intakes, MAF sensors, and stuff like that. I'm mostly worried about exhaust. I want to do headers, QTP Electric Cutouts, Y-Pipe, and a good catback. For all that would it be better for me to just take it in and let the pros deal with it, or do it myself? I'm not a mechanic by any means, but I am pretty mechanically inclined.

    Also, would I need 1 cutout and put it on the Y around the muffler, or 2 cutouts on the Y near the cats? If 2, before or after the cats?

    Wow, that was long winded, lol

    Any suggestions?

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    It took me and a buddy a FULL day to install long tubes on a 00' WS6. Same install of course. You have to "man handle" the engine a lot and you have to pull tons of crap out of the way to do it. It was a pain in the ass to say the least, but well worth it. If you are to do this I would recommend finding someone to assist you that has done this before. After we finished we drove the car to an exhaust shop, yes with open headers, and had them install the Y-pipe.

    Its doable, but not a fun job.

    Good luck.

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    If your gonna make the plunge stick with the 01 or 02 bc they came with the ls6 intake and such, most bolt-ons arent hard as long as you research them first. I did headers,ory and catback in about 6 hours using a buddy and a jack. Not difficult, I would rather save the few hundred bucks you will get charged and do it yourself. If your going with cats then you will want your cutouts after the cats. In the end you will learn a little and feel better if you do it yourself not too mention the green you can now put into more mods.
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