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This is a discussion on Oil? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Camaro SS's take mobil one synthetic or non synthetic? Just got my car so i want to make sure. Also ...

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    Camaro SS's take mobil one synthetic or non synthetic? Just got my car so i want to make sure. Also if they take synthetic, and non-synthetic oil is put in is there any damage caused or will there be any damage caused?

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    The dino's are of superior quality as far as friction modifiers and add packages for sludge/cleaning these days....synthetics are a step above....Dino's are good for 3-5K miles and synthetics even will never hurt anything switching from one to the other...I would strongly suggest a used oil analysis to focus you on your choice of oils (not brand of oils but viscosity and dino/synthetics)...this will determine the best viscosity/type ( dino vs. Synthetic) for your specific driving habits/environmental conditions and motor....there is no one fits all...a guy in Montana can get great results out of Amsoil 10-40 and a guy in Florida can get better out of Pennzoil Dino 10-30.....depends on your conditions and driving habits......If I was "curious"...I would start with Mobil 1 5-40 synthetic or Castrol 10-40 Dino for your it 5000 miles and send a sample into this will cut through all the guessing and get you focused on what is best for you.

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    In OCT 01 the Camaros were shipped with Mobil One. My car was built before then, so my car was shipped with dino oil. I changed the oil at 500, 1000, & 2000. At 2000. I converted to Amsoil with a GM full syn long oil filter. I am due to change it again. I just turned 3,000 last month. It's a garage queen !

    Full syn is better than dino oil in most driving conditions. Eithe r 5-30 or 10-30.
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    I always use fully synthetic 5w-30 Mobil 1 in my Z28, every 3,000 miles.

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    i use castrol synthetic 10-30 with a k&n filter every 2500 mi

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    i run mobil 1 synthetic in my formula firebird. there is nothing wrong with regular dino oil, as long as you change it regularly. one thing you might want to watch out for though, if the car has had dino oil and has a lot of miles on it, switching to synthetic could cause a few leaks to spring up. it happened to me. i bought my formula with 25000 miles on it, and it had regular oil all its life. i switched to synthetic and immediately developed a leak at the oil pan gasket. but as far as engine damage goes, you definitely won't hurt anything at all.

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