NMCA Xtreme Street Event Coverage - 10 1/2 Inches To Glory

Check out the NMCA Xtreme Street event this year and the incredible drag racing cars that compete!Going fast on 10.5-inch wide tires has been a phenomenon that swept the drag racing community off its big tires since the early '90s. The concept was made famous during the early days of Fastest Street Car racing in a popular category called Super Street. The class was the little brother of the ultra-quick and prestigious Pro Street eliminator. Pro Street catered to the big-money guys and several ex-Pro Stock and Pro Mod racers with tube chassis cars and giant slicks. Super Street, on the other hand, was the heads-up racing class where street racers found a home with their real cars and true 10.5-inch tires. As time evolved, so did Super Street and it turned into a class that caters to back-half rides with unlimited power under the hood and 10.5W (measuring 11.5-inches wide and 33-inches tall) rear tires. Today, the Super Street cars hardly resemble the late-night, grudge-racing machines from those early years.inline_mediumwraptextright26861935/eventcoverage/1001chp_nmca_xtreme_street_event_coverage1001chp_0 1_z+nmca_xtreme_street_event_coverage+front_drag_r ace.jpgTrue

Photo Gallery: NMCA Xtreme Street Event Coverage - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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