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new Z/28 is D (before) A?

This is a discussion on new Z/28 is D (before) A? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I don't know why GM is so worried about what the public thinks. If the Germans can produce a 400+hp ...

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    I don't know why GM is so worried about what the public thinks. If the Germans can produce a 400+hp car and sale it for 60-70K, why can't, well, why won't the detroit guys do the same thing. People buy what the want if they like it regardless of the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Luos View Post
    It is okay to have varying opinions.

    To me, the Camaro is the worst of the 'retro' cars.
    Of course, keep in mind GM is the only one that hasn't released theirs. But yet they have been talking about it the longest.

    It has been what now....4 years since they started talking about it.
    Starting to think it is just hype and there will never be a new Camaro.

    Challenger > Mustang > Internet pictures of the 'production' Camaro
    And I can't STAND the Challenger.
    I don't think it is the worst of the retro cars, I'm pretty sure if it ever does get rolling on the streets and you see it in person you will start to like it Mr. Lous...maybe just a little bit. But I am right there with you when you say that it is all bunch of hype. I hope it is, I want my 35th to be the last Camaro Ever. You guys with T/A's are lucky you can say that.I don't dislike the new camaro but then again I don't really like. The Challanger looks way better to me but for that price I'd get a Vette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camarojunky74 View Post
    the last camaro is already out fellas, go pick yourself up a nice 02 le and call it a day.
    +1 Thats what i did

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    check out the last edition of Road & Track. it's got an SS model on the cover and an article about the latest production model. i read this about 3 weeks ago so it might be last months edition. i liked the concept model but the production model is not as appealing IMO. If they stuck with the concept i would be looking forward to the release but at this point i'll just stick with my Z28 and work on my other project. i wouldn't mind having the Camaro from Transformers, and in case you all didn't know, you can go to and enter a raffle to win that car. i think it's going on till winter.

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