Hey guys its been a while but im made it back ... got some new numbers for you to look at.

R/T : .952 slow? i know lol its been a few months since i made a run
60FT : 2.068
330FT: 5.759
1/8TH: 8.812 @ 80.52

Quick run down: 1996 LT1 Z28 A4 - SLP Cold air, SLP loudmouth, Throttle body air foil, 1LE Elbow, Underdrive pulleys, 275/40/17 Sumitomo tires ( not the best in the world but cheap )

What you guys think? about right or way off?

I ran this yesterday in Dothan Al and this run was one of a few against a stock 03 Mustang Mach1 that i beat by .0053 on our best run. Not too bad lol