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New SS, what mods?

This is a discussion on New SS, what mods? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I am on the market to get a 1998+ SS. I will have about 3000 left to do mods, what ...

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    New SS, what mods?

    I am on the market to get a 1998+ SS. I will have about 3000 left to do mods, what should be my first steps?

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    lid and exaust.

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    with 3k, I would do first what wicked illusions said above, lid and exhaust. Get headers, MAF sensor, 90mm throttle body, QA1 coil-overs, sub-frame connectors, front A-arms....that should be your money right there.

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    lid, headers, Y pipe, Cat Back, Subframes, STB, and upgrade the brakes if your buying the car and they prolly need a change anyways, oh and spark plugs(NGKTR55's)

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    I have tried a lot of the cheaper things to do. Depends if it is a A4 or M6. First thing is lid(lid, fipk, or volant) all work pretty simular, just looks. A $99 lid will perform as close to any of them, so is about appearance. (I have a K&N Fipk).
    #1)Lid or kit like fipk/volant etc $99-$300 depending on what type you want and the volant would be great with a SS hood for cool air. The Fipk replaces the upper radiator cover, has a smoth bellows and looks factory(very high quality).
    #2)A Catback(magnaflow is cheap, stainless and sounds good) around $400
    #3)Subframe connectors(hated my Camaro until I put the SFC's on)HUGE difference and price was under $400 for some double diamond, but you can go with a basic set for $150 and be happy. I've used bolt on ones now since 2003 and never a problem.
    #4)If a A4 car a 3000 or so stall converter(about $500 and $300 for install and cooler). I have a 3400 stall and kind of wish It was slightly smaller for around town, 3000 would suit me fine.
    #5)fix all the stuff on the car the previous owner let go and save up for a better rear end, if it's a M6 a rear end is going to be needed if you plan to run it down the track a bunch and some drag radials at least.
    #6)Long tube headers or at least mid ones(price...varies..mids $700 to long tubes $1,200 area)
    #7)A tune is nice too, but I really didn't need one until I put on the long tube headers and the car was pig rich and mileage went to crap. I'm still only using a handheld Predator tuner and run mid 12's all day long.

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    buy my car for 9500

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