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need thoughts and oppinions

This is a discussion on need thoughts and oppinions within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; looking at an 02 state patrol car, 86k miles. its a nice car, i spent a good half hour looking ...

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    need thoughts and oppinions

    looking at an 02 state patrol car, 86k miles. its a nice car, i spent a good half hour looking over the car today. Its got the scratches you'd expect and of corse all the holes all over, 2 in the quarters and one on the roof. the inside is so so, the drivers seat has one rip thats repairable. the headliner is ok for the most part except they mounted something in it. the radio bezel has holes so does the dash. the area by the cigeretty liter has some strange switch panel on it. no trac. control.

    thats all stuff i can live with and fix as i feel like it. heres what it needs.
    water pump
    rear end???

    I wasn't able to drive the car but when putting it in gear it made a pretty loud clunk (and i'm used to the grand national clunks if anyone is familiar with them, this car is really bad) so i don't know if its just gears that are warn out, if they are whats the chances of it needing a new rear end (are they posi's?) how much money am i looking at there? i don't think i'll have any use for a 12 bolt, but just out of curiosity how much do they cost? and a stock 10 bolt? what does everyone think is likely the problem?

    and brakes, i don't know what the deal is with them, couldn't drive the car. probably pads and turn the rotors i'm guessing. if not how much are new rotors? any problems with the master cylinder i should be looking for?

    I'm not looking for a serious performance car, the most i want to do would be possibly a sts turbo and call it good, looking for more of a driver here or i'd definatly go for it.

    asking price is $6200. should i go for it or pass?

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    This thing sounds like it's been abused. The price is okay but for what you might have to put into it just to getting running right might not be worth it. I would pass on this one but that's just me.

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    what is it?

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    its a z28 with the police package. it doesn't appear to be abused any more than any other car i've seen, i'm sure its been ran pretty hard and i doubt its still on its first engine. unfortunatly they don't have access to any records so i can't be sure of that, but from my experience working with a county fleet maintence i'd say its been taken care of. we used to replace engines any time there was a problem. the worst example i can think of was a newer gmc 2500 that had an over heating problem. insted of looking at a water pump or a radiator, the entire engine was replaced. 3 times. I would only imagine the state fleet was just as bad about spending money because they can. it sounds perfect, one of the best sounding ls1's i've heard yet. but with no paper work and not being able to drive it who knows what all is wrong with it.

    still looking for more oppinions on it.

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    run away.

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    ok u say it probably hasnt been abused but it's making all these noises, i've never heard of dealers or shops replacing the whole engine instead of looking for a problem

    PASS this Bucket-o-shit

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    5 ltr. beater
    pass bro. you can find a waaaaay better one than that.

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    It's a USED POLICE CAR. What do you expect? They are run hard all the time

    It needs brakes, new U-joints, flush ALL the fluids, change ALL filters. Tune it. If you think the water pump is bad, change it. Check every electric circuit to make sure everything works.

    Police auctions may not let you drive the car as a rule (lawsuits if you do something dumb), so I wouldn't be too concerned about that.

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