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Need some help with this weird stuff.....

This is a discussion on Need some help with this weird stuff..... within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Mine is acting weird too. I have no high beams at all....

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    Mine is acting weird too. I have no high beams at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigrondownhiller View Post
    You should have closer to 14 volts running.
    Yeah I checked it again today cause it was MUCH warmer and i think the electrical problem had something to do with it cause now i'm running at 13.9-14.1 volts.

    But I'm still working on trying to pinpoint the exact problem, but thanks for all of your help

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    its some of that damn sand flying around in lubbock

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    First off the dude above is right it's more than likely a ground gone bad. Second your switch is just trigger voltage to a relay under the hood. There are no High amp wires running to the light switch, just bus power. Check the grounds with a multi-meter. Check the ground block on the passenger fender and then check the positive block also on the passenger fender. Check each contact point and make sure they are clean. Check the wires from these blocks to the sources. In other words take the multi-meter and check impedance on every wire on both pos and neg blocks of passenger fender to the fuse box, relay, or device they go to. If you have high impedance on a wire find out if there is anything shorting it. If not the wire is more than likely bad. It may seem really difficult but most wiring issues are something so stupid it's not even funny. Unless your car has been struck by lightning the wires them self’s don't go bad with out human help. Look at anything you or someone else might have changed or added.
    Normal voltage at the battery with car running is between 13.5 and 13.8 at 70* out side.

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