hello everyone!!

ok I have a 2000 Camaro z28 6speed, anyways It HAD 5.7 h/c/I well my buddy drove it and brought it back with a hole in the block so I sent it off to a local shop to get them to throw a new 5.7 but forged bottom(only thing on the car that was stock) in it. well after 3 months I get her back and she has no cam (big cam was in her so you can tell) and now a 5.3 block! plus power steering didn't work and exhaust leak. well now the question, and yes I have researched for the past 2 days, I have a 6.0 out of a 09 Silverado. I only want to use the block and take my heads and a NEW cam and switch it over to the 6.0 will everything on the front switch also? and what all do I need to do the swap? like I said only using the block so don't mind that it had vvt on it it will be gone but will that block work? sorry for this being so long just wanted to put all the details out there. thank you