Working on fixing problems on my 2000 camaro B4C slowly and steadily. Bought the car in sorry shape and rescued it. It is doing pretty well mechanically now. Race it on the weekends, and it runs down the 1/4 between 13.90 and 14.20 on DOTs depending on temp, humidity, etc. And I weight 350lbs in the drivers seat, so not too bad. Anyway, I have been working on this car a lot. Recently I tried to replace the instrument cluster with one I bought off of a local guy. Plugged the new one in only to find out it would not work at all. Upon further investigation, I found that even though the clusters looked the same on the front and had the same data plug on the back, there were some small differences looking at the back of the gauge cluster and the P/N is different. Did I waste my $25 on this used cluster, or is this something that can be adapted through a code flash, etc?

--update: I just found out that the 98 is different than 99-02. Must have gotten a 1998 one. If this is not accurate information from my dad's junkyard buddy please correct me.

Problem number 2

My A/C has the annoying feature of dumping the condensation on the floor of the car instead of on the ground outside. Can someone please tell me how to fix this. I have been told that there is a drain that needs cleared, but I cannot find it. Even had the car 6' in the air on a lift with flashlights underneath and could not find it.

Problem number 3

I have a random creaking noise that starts coming from under the hood of the car once it is warmed up. It is kinda like a pulley noise, but also kinda like the noise you get when your car creeps forward with the brake on. Any ideas?