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My 2001 Camaro SS

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    My 2001 Camaro SS

    Hello, my fellow f body people? I got several issues. First off all, I got headers, no cats, grantelli mass air flow, diablo tune or flash what ever you all decide to call it, and the slp lid. I have had the car for about three closing in on four years, my last car was also a 1999 camaro ss with a couple of bolt ons. Both m6. Now my buddie just got the, Auto, GTO 06, I test drove it, an it felt very smooth compare to the rough ride of my Camaro SS. Which it should be right is fairly new. Now of course we raced a couple of times, an believe it or not I was beating him fairly easy, I mean we did from a roll(me 2nd gear.) an a dead stop, and he even tryed it with out the traction control deal, an did I kill him for that one. He spinned on that one all the way. My question is these, he just got this car right, but these is his first true high hp car, the last car is a clk 430 v8, believe or not he stuck at least 5k in that car an promised me that he would beat me, lol!!!!!! to nobodies surprise I will kill him so bad he would go home angry an pissed off at me an not talk to me for So I told him the only way he can beat me is if he gets another true v8 car either ford mustang, or a chevy product(vett, firebird, camaro, ls anything.) So this is my question, the GTO is a auto, can u screw up racing a auto? Dont get me wrong he did beat me three times but it was because I did not hit third gear, no excuse he beat me. An I also know past a certain speed he will catch me, but I have to admit, I was not that impressed with the GTO. He also has a K&N cold air intake, an at idle the car sounds nice, so maybe some exhaust work done to it maybe, no other modes to my knowldge. So do you guys think when he figures out how to drive it it will be a much closer race? Because I was literally beating him about a whole car even a little more than that. These was a month ago, so these last couple of days he claims that he has beat just about everything that confronts him, camaro specially, so he has accuse me of having alot more then I have claimed. So the other question is, Ive gone to the track here in baytown by houston tx an the best time ive done was 13.53 quarter mile. These was about a year ago. I mean my car is good but I dont think it has any other mods but the ones that I know for sure it has, so the other question is these. Is it normal for a camaro to beat a GTO like the way I did I would imagined the race would be alot more close than that. Even if he is unexperienced with his GTO LS2. What do you guys think? I got other things but dam I wrote alot of stuff already so, I will give it a rest.

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    You can I have had my car up-shift on me(a4) and cost me a race. But seeing how he is stock and your not you should be beating him. Being an auto just about any roll race is going to end in you winning, any m6 I beat from a dig I lost at a 50mph roll.

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    so your not impressed with a heavier car that is a drivers race? yes it is a 400hp car but its still heavier. a proper tune(not a handheld) and the race will be even closer. the headers on your car can get you just passed a gto as far as both cars being in optimal performance condition and having a proper driver. take it to the track and keep it ther. i know a lot of people like to play every chance they can get but it sounds like you have a drag strip close to you. so there really is no excuse to street race. do you happen to know your drag strips elevation. if it is close to sea level than you should be able to get quicker than a 13.5 run.

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