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Get the latest information on driveline innovations from Rob Moser of Moser Engineering. Rob gives you the inside scoop from everything including the companies history, spline count, differentials to ring-and-pinion gears and M9 fabricated housing.If the best way to find weak links is to break stuff, you might as well have someone else do the suffering for you. That pretty much sums up the history of Moser Engineering, whose decades-long involvement in high-end drag racing has enabled the company to develop some of the best driveline components in the business. Company founder Greg Moser got the bug early, when he started racing a Norton motorcycle as a kid in the mid '60s. After high school, Moser picked up a '70 Camaro and hit the dragstrip before deciding to campaign an Altered dragster in the late '70s. All the while, the inevitable carnage he endured at the track ensured that his customers wouldn't suffer the same fate.

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