Mechanical And Electric Fuel Pump Buyers Guide - Get Pumped

If your in the market for a fuel pump then check out this buyers guide. We have both mechanical and electrical fuel pumps for street and strip applications.There are few constants in life, but we certainly know more than a few in the automotive world. Among them is this: If your engine isn't getting fuel or fire, you're not going anywhere. Getting the proper amount of gas or alcohol to your engine at the proper pressure is critical. Get it wrong, and at best the internal combustion creation you've spent so much time on will run poorly-at worst, the thing won't run at all. With this in mind, we decided to dive head-first into the fuel pump market and check out a cross-section of what's available, from EFI to carbureted and from mild to wild.

Photo Gallery: Mechanical And Electric Fuel Pump Buyers Guide - Chevy High Performance

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