May 2011 Chevy High Performance Table of Contents

We first met up with Grant Reierson and his beautiful ’66 Nova during last year’s Goodguys event in Columbus, Ohio. We have to thank ace photographer Robert McGaffin who first informed us about this hot street machine and credit him for nailing this month’s action shot.May 2011 Chevy High Performance Table of Contents


Cubic Twist
We follow along as Turn Key Engine Supply assembles a big-inch LS powerplant and flogs it on the engine dyno.

Nelson Racing Engines unleashes a 1,000hp pump-gas LSX.

Brute Force!
Taking a detailed look at Art Morrison’s latest ’68-72 A-body chassis.

Survival of the Fittest
Installing a NOS kit on a 5.3L LS.


War Zone
NMCA and LSX racers put on a wild, wheels-up show at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois.


Grant Reierson’s ’66 Deuce has rolled to hell and back.

Doin’ the Panhandle Boogie
One man’s take on the perfect project car.


Shop Talk
Real-world horsepower, what’s enough?

Performance Q&A
Our resident tech guru, Big Mac, tells all.

Step By Step
How to mount a transmission oil cooler.

How It Works
Today’s big-block 24-degree cylinder heads are highly advanced and nearing Big Chief horsepower territory. We talk to the pros to learn about the evolution and what makes them work so well.

Parts Rack
The latest offerings for your street machine.

Wayne Guifoyle’s ’69 Camaro packs a 600hp big-block and looks good from every angle.

Letters, news, and everything else we couldn’t fit anywhere else.

What’s Next
What’s on the web and things to come.

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