hello guys

i have 99 a4 z28

i bought it in 11/2004 from texas and i bring it here in kuwait

really it is nice car and clean

but now i am looking for change the transmission the a4 is strong but i don`t fell any interesting i want M6

i want to try the shifting woOow

but the problem is i can`t find m6 here in kuwait it is few and all of it is used

last week i check the prices here in kuwait i think it`s too much expencive for used m6
it is equal 2000 dollar

so i decide to get a new one from USA but i don`t know what is the price and from where can i get .?

do u know sites can i buy it from plz help

and what i should change to transfeer my car from a4 to m6

and sorry for language i try to explain what i want and i hope to understand me