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This is a discussion on LS1 vs. WRX STI within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I agree with mjolinr would depends on the driver cause I smoked two one just did'nt know how to drive ...

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    I agree with mjolinr would depends on the driver cause I smoked two
    one just did'nt know how to drive the car and the other off a roll.
    But they will kill off the line so better have some drags w/ 9 or 12bolt rear
    cause you know our 10bolts can't hold on drags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Struble View Post
    ya, its hard to get an all wheel drive turbo car off the line!!! cause the sti's can set the power to the wheels at 40/50, 50/50, 60/40 percent wise on how much power the front and rear wheels get... its bad ass really
    they are great little cars, I would have no problem parking my SS in the garage and beating the SHIT out of an STI as my DD

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhraformula View Post
    i hate to burst youre bubble, but an SS stock on the highway isnt the fastest thing out there.

    for a 1/4 race, its a toss up between the sti and ls1.
    Lets put it this way...

    The STi driver needs to be very good in order to keep up with an LS1 in the 1/4. The car is hard to launch well, most people end up frying the clutch or bogging the motor.

    Doesn't take much to get an LS1 off the line, V8 torque means you can still run a good time even if you come off the line slightly above idle

    Basically of the STI messes up on the launch, he's all done. Thats his only chance to keep up with an LS1.

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    Go from a roll and call it a night.

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