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LS1-Newbie... in the house.

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    LS1-Newbie... in the house.

    Not new to performance/tuner cars, but new to so a big hello to you guys.

    My background is FOX Stangs... 347 strokers, powerdyne 9psi, and vortech s-trim...... and finally got out of that 2 yrs ago.....

    Looking to get back into the tuner world and am looking at a high mlg 01 Z-28 6spd in Houston to get used for cheap and play around with @ Auto-cross (f-stock) and occasional 1/4 miles blasts.

    Will it take much to wring high 12's out of an 01 Z with street suspension and stock heads?

    I understand the LS1-6spd Z's do pretty well in F-stock at the autocrosses also, so hoping to do both.

    Looking forward to playing with a new ride very soon.

    Jeff - Houston

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    high 12's problem. my buddies 02 z auto went 13.2 all stock and mine went 13.08 withe the air lid , now i have headers and am getting a dyno tune wed. so i should be in the high 12 now.... sure does feel like it

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    I can build a cheap 12 sec fox stang with my eyes closed...... but the LS1 is new territory for me.

    Foxes are hard to make handle (IMHO).... no way to be competitive in f-stock these days.

    The closest I ever came to them was side-by-side on the street (er uh track)

    Ran across many fast fast ls1's and Lt1's in my day.

    Also got my arse handed to me in my little blown fox stang by many near-stock F-bodies at the autocross. Seems the rear suspension on the f-body is light-years ahead of the 4-link (bind-o-matic) fox chassis.

    Sooo looking to learn about the LS1 Z and play @ the autocross and drag strip.

    I'd be pleased to stay in F-stock class (autocross) and be able to click-off near high 12's or low 13's.

    I think F-stock rules allow for catback and possible a k&n in the stock housing. (no gears, no intake mani, no headers, no chip).....

    grass-hoppa>>>>>>>Thanks LS1

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    Welcome to the site first off

    You can get high 12s out of an LS1 with simple bolt ons, usually long tubes alone will net you high 12s, assuming you can 60' well and I am assuming with your background you are a very experienced and capable driver
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