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Just Purchased my second camaro!!!

This is a discussion on Just Purchased my second camaro!!! within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey guys, so I finally ended up selling my 88 Iroc-z...first car i bought... loved the thing to death.. had ...

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    Just Purchased my second camaro!!!

    Hey guys, so I finally ended up selling my 88 Iroc-z...first car i bought... loved the thing to death.. had T-Tops great shape 5.0 HO engine (i know it wasnt the fastest thing on the street i still liked it) great cruising car absolutley loved it

    So last novemeber i purchased my second Camaro a 2000 SS!!! quite a step up from the iroc id say (this is now my third car the other being a BMW 540I which is currently my DD absolutley love the thing..its a torquey little bugger (324lbsft)

    so yesterday my buddy picked me up after studying and we drove around looking for a mechanic who would do some of the trickier work on my car (tuning etc.) well i saw an ad in my local autotrader this guy buys used cop cars from the states (im in canada) and sells them here hes got a couple texas state trooper LS1s for cheap the one he had out had 100,000 Miles and was going for 9K CAD!!!! quite a deal id say... anywho i went behind his shop and lo and behold i saw a beautiful sight... it was a forth gen camaro but where it says SS on our cars his had a 6.0 Badge...

    So i went inside to talk to him and ask him if hed do some modding for me, he said hed be glad to and asked me if i wanted to see his car i said hell yes my friend!! so i asked him if it was an LS2 in there he said no he had an LQ9 in there with Z06 Cams, headers, tune and a bunch of other goodies.. he had an SLP hood too said he didnt like the SS hood cuz of how it reroutes the air and basically doesnt do all that much... he turned it on and i swear to god when that car turned on it was like pure sounded so mean idling and he revved it up to 7300... it was as though i was in absolute heaven... didnt go for a ride but hed just dynod it that day got 350 RWHP and 450RWTQ!!!

    anywhoo im rambling i just thought id pop over and say hi to ya guys...ive been following this forum for quite some time... seem like a nice chillin bunch of guys so i thought id introduce myself.

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    Welcome. I hope you like your SS as much as mine. Ive had it 4 years now and its more exciting everytime i turn the key!

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    I just got my SS a couple of weeks ago and I am in love with it. Man, it is fast, sexy, and pure F-U-N!!

    Welcome to the forums!

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    2014 Camaro 1LS


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    Welcome SS

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