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With over 60 years of experience JE Pistons knows something about pistons. Check out everything they have to say about the design basics and how the company has changed to better fit the racing community.Coatings
Pistons coatings are applied when the surface of the aluminum can't cope with the environment. JE's thermal barrier crown coating helps to maintain surface hardness and resist surface erosion and pitting due to detonation. This coating may allow a piston to last longer under high temperatures. Although the crown coating is beneficial to the piston, the engine builder should consider the effects the coating may have on the total system. Since less heat is being dissipated through the piston and rings, it is being reflected elsewhere in the combustion chamber. This extra heat may have an effect on other components in the engine. Many builders choose to coat their cylinder head chambers, valve faces, and exhaust ports for this reason. Skirt coatings help reduce cold start scuffing, surface friction, and wear. In some cases a skirt coating can also be used to decrease piston to cylinder wall clearance safely. JE's most popular skirt coating is our proprietary Tuff Skirt. This coating is up to 0.0005 inch thick per surface and is designed to have improved wear resistance when compared to other coatings on the market.--Stephen Goyla

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