Isky Racing Camshaft Design Secrets - CHP Insider

Check out how Ed Iskenderian earn the name "The Camfather" and camshaft design secrets from Nolan Jamora at Isky Racing.Statements like this are sure to generate buzz, but Isky Racing could just be the most prolific innovator in the history of hot rodding. In the 1950s, when aftermarket camshafts didn't exist, Ed Iskenderian learned how to grind them himself. Dry lake racers went nuts, and the art of engine building was forever changed. No wonder Iskenderian earned the nickname "The Camfather." As advances in cam design pushed valvetrain components to the limit, he invented necessities that we take for granted today, such as antipump lifters, performance valvesprings, rev kits, and antiwalk buttons. On any given test-and-tune night at any given track, most racers probably have all of those components in their engines. Furthermore, Iskenderian was the first to use computers in cam design, served as the first president of SEMA, and introduced the concept of corporate sponsorship to professional drag racing when he teamed up with Don Garlits.

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