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Iroc vs Ls1 Camaro???

This is a discussion on Iroc vs Ls1 Camaro??? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Chad97z well, here's a tip for ya.. Don't paint your next wheels black. Its a bad move. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad97z View Post
    well, here's a tip for ya.. Don't paint your next wheels black. Its a bad move. It gives the image of it being dirty. And then the next thing ya know, you hate your car and you cant seem to figure out why. ISnt that funny how that works? hrrmmm It just goes to show you, people don't really know what is good and what isnt. Or what they like and what they don't like until its too late.
    i didnt do it

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    Oh.. haha

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    the iroc cant touch the ls1 maybe if u give him like 5 cars

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATCharming View Post
    i call bs that u were stock and beat a stroked lt1 camaro. stroked lt1's easily put down 400 to the wheels
    You can call bs all you want, but I'm telling the truth. But I can not say I know he was telling the truth though about it being stroked, but I know for a fact he had just spent over 3 grand on his motor though, and I know he had new lt4 heads, cam, etc. on his bird and sounded mean as hell but he might not have been tuned properly etc. I'm m6 and he was auto too. Like I said I was stock except flowmaster catback and well, a K&N but it has been debated if the K&N does little if anything for proformance. But then again I have walked several latter model SS's and such with same modds so maybe I got lucky with a freak?? I'm planning to get a dyno in a couple of weeks, just had a tune-up so i'll see what my 121k z has left in it before I start building the engine. Also, the next time I see the guy with the bird, I'll ask again what he had done and see if I get a different story since we raced several years back.

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    I've owned both also (89 IROC & 2000 Z28) and there's no comparison. It's more then just peak hp numbers...the LS1 pulls hard all the way to redline while the L98 really dies off. But like anything else you start throwing mods and driver skill in the equation and all bets are off...the LS1 does have a huge head start power-wise though.

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    I currently own both cars; a 1987 IROCZ which originally had a 350, when it was stock, it ran about 14.5s.... My 99 SS when stock ran about mid 13s.

    As stated above, the best stock 3rd gen Camaros can not keep up with the LS1 cars. And better yet, the LS1 cars respond to mods much better.

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    i loved my Iroc... but it would never keep up with this animal

    the I roc was a nice car for its time, cept for that goofy borg warner diff , and rear caliper setup ..

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    I own a 88WS6 and a 2000 TA. The 88 only has a 305 TPI in it but it was a monster for a stock 305---I beat every stock 5.7 TPI 3rd gen I ran across with it, Still it would get its ass handed to it by the 2000. The IROC has no chance unless he has a supercharger, MAJOR MOTOR WORK or NOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad97z View Post
    the 98 will walk off from the IROC.. easy. I love IROC's, but even the mustang back in those days would very slightly pull on the IROC's even though the IROC was a far better car,.. and nicer sound... and much better handling and better all around performance than the rrrustang.. Nevertheless, the rustang would pull a bit more than the late 80's 305 IROC. I hated it!!. I had an 86 Iroc, and I loved it, but I would never in a million years trade it for that damn ford. I know it sux, but the Rustang was a hair faster than the 305 Iroc in 1986 and maybe 1987. I presume the 350 Iroc would beat the Mustang though.. And the LT1 is faster than the 305 IROC and 350 Iroc, but the LS1 is slightly fast than the LT1. Even so, the LT1, IMO, has more gains, mod for mod, than the LS1 since both are 350's with mild cams. I think the LT1 has more gains mod for mod because the exhaust manifolds on the LT1 are more restrictive than the LS1, and the throttle body on the LT1 is smaller than the LT1.. So when these things are corrected, there is a larger gain than that of an LS1. So when these "corrections" are made, the LT1 has a higher percentage gain than the LS1 since they were engineered smaller.
    Actually, the 5.0 Stangs, unless said car had an inept driver, had the L98-powered F-Bodies covered. I've owned several 5.0s. My '88 LX, stone stock with a T-5 and 2.73 gears, went 14.28 on radials back in 1990. My best friend at the time had a 5.7 TPI IROC. Whoever said the TPIs, stock, ran out of breath, was absolutely correct. Every time my friend and I ran(as well as a couple of other guys I knew who had either 5.7 or 5.0 TPIs), it played out the same way. They hooked alot better out of the hole, but I'd run them down and blow by them. Most of the TPI guys around here didn't try the 5.0s, unless they had modified their F-bodies, and few of them did. The 5.0s were also cheaper to modify and responded VERY well to mods. My friend actually added headers, a full exhaust, gears, and a stall before he could take me down. After I added headers, full exhaust, 3.73s, Cobra intake, and better radials, I didn't take it back to the dragstrip, but I was further in front of that L98 than I had been initially. He ultimately traded in the IROC on a GN, and put it in the 12s with minimal mods. The 5.0 Fords and SFI Buicks ruled the streets for quite a few years. I initially got away from the 5.0s because I grew tired of changing head gaskets, blown as a result of the superchargers. My next car, a '93 Z28, in which I eventually installed an LT4 engine and turbocharged it, was one of the most reliable cars I ever owned. I love the LT1s and LS1s.
    Getting back on track, there was not a large power difference between the 305 and 350 cid TPIs. They were torquers that fell on their faces due to their long runner intakes, and the larger cube(and bore) 5.7s only suffered worse from this asthmatic condition. If I may generalize, the 5.0 Ford and 5.7 TPI laid down similar peak rwhp numbers, but the 5.0 Ford had a broader powerband. The lt1s put down 50-60 more than the L98s, and the LS1s put down 50-60 more than the lt1s. These are averages, based off what I've seen these vehicles show on the dyno at my friend's speed shop over the years.

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