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Crankshaft Experts Talk Metallurgy, Race Balancing, Counterweight Profiling, Heat Treating, Production Techniques, And Much More.All of a sudden, the ubiquitous 383 is the wee-man on the block. With 400-plus cubic-inch small-blocks becoming more the rule than the exception, yesteryear's stroker combos have developed a bad case of Napoleon syndrome. The 540ci Rat is the new 496, and if you want to build a 632, tracking down the short-block components necessary to fulfill your displacement fantasies-and finding enough cylinder head to feed it-is only a mail order catalog away. What makes it all possible is the massive influx of affordable stroker crankshafts. Gone are the days of offset grinding factory cranks for miniscule displacement gains, and scouring salvage yards for that elusive 400 crank for your small-block build. Today's aftermarket cast-steel cranks can take a serious beating, and modern 4340 alloys can handle as much abuse as you can realistically throw at them.

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