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I need a new3 clutch dont know witch one to get

This is a discussion on I need a new3 clutch dont know witch one to get within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hi I have a 2000 Camaro SS im getting clutch fade and a soft pedel I am new to LS1 ...

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    Exclamation I need a new3 clutch dont know witch one to get

    Hi I have a 2000 Camaro SS im getting clutch fade and a soft pedel I am new to LS1 i been reading online about clutches and dont know what to get im not looking to spend a lot of cash its all stock I try to drive it every day let me know what you guys think

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    What are your mods? Street only car? How many miles on yours? Have you changed the hydraulic fluid in it? Have you done the drill mod?

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    leave it to marlow to interrogate someone, lol

    In his defense, they are good questions.

    But I noticed you said its stock, and youre new to LS1. while mileage is important, theres also the simple fact that its 11 years old. i also have a 2000 SS, mine was a garge queen until 2005 or 2006, when it became a daily, then I bought it 2010. That fall I replaced my entire set up.

    fthe "Drill mod" mentioned above is a common practice with LS1s, thers a brass fitting thats a fluid restriction between the master and the slave, people just drill out the inside of this fitting, allowing the fluid to move better. Without the mod, it was common for the below to stick to the floor on the 2-3 shift, especially under hard acceleration. fluid couldnt transfer from master to slave and back fast enough.

    There are no linkages to get worn out, to my knowledge.

    check you reservoir, if the fluid looks gunky or black, go get it changed out. its also good to keep an eye on it to monior for leaks, mine leaked but was slow enough to not make a puddle in my driveway, it actualyl leaks inside the bell housing. leaky slaves are common and can ruin your clutch. if your reservoir is low, you could be sucking some air down, which will give a sluggiish feeling.

    A common stock swap is the LS7 clutch package, just a little more expensive than stock, but way better, i personally have one and love it. if you want high performance looks at SPEC or Monster clutches.

    I also swapped out my master cylinder for a TICK adjustable, that eliminates the need for the drill mod, it fixes the hydraulic problem from the start, not just boring out a fitting. the adjustable isnt necessary, i just got it because I thought it may be useful in the future. its also a direct swap. neither it or the LS7 clutch require any modification.

    and just FYI, on some cars you can turn the flywheel, same as turning brake rotors, to get it level and balanced again, its not advised to turn an LS1 flywheel, repalcements are cheap, and the LS7 kit comes with one.

    I got all my stuff from Mark at KYspeed, hes a sponsor here and i was very happy with the parts, service, and price.

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    I went with the LS6 for my stock 98 SS about 2 years ago which also came with a new flywheel. I wish I did the TICK master cylinder, but I just put in a new GM slave cylinder that included the resevoir.

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