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I need a hug.

This is a discussion on I need a hug. within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; damn good to hear your ok........but damn that car looks munched...

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    damn good to hear your ok........but damn that car looks munched

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    Thanks for all the support here, it mean's a lot!

    To give an update:
    Originally I was considering fighting the ruling because I thought I had a decent case just by looking at the cars, however, I decided not too.

    1. Insurance company was really cool with me because I've had them since I got my license, and my parents have had them for 20+ years...all of us with perfect records, and after explaining the whole incident to them, they agreed it was a bs call, and I got screwed, most likely because I'm 19 in a red Z28, and she was 30 something with a hurt baby in a Volkswagon P.O.S. They fought it out with her and her insurance company and got out of paying for most of her damage/medical bills. w00t! And my rates are going up, just because they have to for the sake of precedent, however, it's low enough that I can literally make up for it by not buying a candy bar at work. (Nationwide really is on your side! Har.)

    2. Lawyer's advice. While I could technically go after her for several things (wreckless driving, filing a false report, etc) it would be a bad idea. Mainly because it would make her realize that she can come after me as well, and sue me personally since the accident report says it's my fault, and my insurance company didnt cover all of her expenses. And in front of a jury, perception would play against me (kid in a Camaro vs. Mom in a VW) and I'd be fighting legal battles for over a year, and ultimately had around a 65% chance of losing much more than my car.

    So basically, I just said "screw it", decided to put this behind me since I got enough to pay off my car and my med bills. Gonna spend the next month or so saving up a down payment (glad I didnt blow tax money yet! w00t!) and surfing auto trader, craigslist, etc and hopefully I'll still get my annual T-topless beach cruise in before the end of summer.

    PS: Anyone planning on selling a mostly stock mid-low mile M6 Z28 or SS should put it out there sometime around the middle of next least one pair of eyes will be looking at it.

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    from what you're writing it seems to be the right thing to do. a legal battle would - besides everything else - cost you a lot of nerves.

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    good to hear ur doing good and the baby is fine to.just hate people that act stupid with their kids in the car

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    You are well beyond your 19 years in maturity young man, and it shows in your letter. Well done, and a lesson learned.

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    Wow..... thats all I can really say.... Wow! Isn't just lovely how the younger generation is judged before anyone knows the truth. That officer probably had you pegged as guilty before he even put his cruiser in park. I feel for you! Maybe we can have a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for Bottom line... everyone is ok. Thank God.
    Here's your hug...

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    that is fucking terrible...stupid bitch. Your insurance is going to sky rocket-sorry to see this happen, bro!

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    bones heal. sheet metal doesn't. hope they can fix it

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    Quote Originally Posted by knappbunch View Post
    get a lawyer and fight. don't give up even if they ruled it your fault at the scene they can do re-enactments and get the story straight which is what should have been done at the scene even in podunkville (no offense) where they only have one trooper.
    +2 Trust Me ! Get a lawyer , quick !

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