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That car should bring more than 70 grand,,,hell that will barely get you a correctly restored number matching 69 Z28 nowadays.

You can't build that car for 70 grand anyway,,,,just the clutchless lenco alone will get you for 6 G's.

I'd hate to think what an all aluminum 700 inch motor would cost, but I'm willing to bet upwards of 20 G's or more.

That car would fetch a cool 100 thousand without trying. I wouldn't be surprised to see it roll accross Barrett Jackson next month and grab 200 thousand or more. There is nothing cheap about that car. Trust me, I work on this stuff for a living.
It would cost about 70k to have that engine built. If it wasnt all aluminum you might be able to get it done for around 45-50k. Given that the drivetrain alone is probably around 90k, It wouldnt suprise me to see this car go for 200k or so. Possibly more