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How much is your insurance on your SS ?

This is a discussion on How much is your insurance on your SS ? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I pay $82 per month with Geico, 28 years old no accidents or tickets. $1000 deductible...

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    1999 SS

    I pay $82 per month with Geico, 28 years old no accidents or tickets. $1000 deductible

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    1998 Camaro SS

    Insurance WAY too much

    I have a 1998 SS and am currently paying an outrageous $2400 per year to AAA. This as a result of three speeding tickets in two years, yet I have never had an accident in 45 years of driving. I am 63 and do my racing at open track events; the speeding tickets were when I was just keeping up with traffic and I guess my number just happened to come up.

    I have been so busy with work the past year that I haven't had time to shop for other insurance, but it is a continuing crime that the insurance companies put so much credance into mere statistics. It never ceases to amuse (and irritate) me that, here in California, I will see Highway Patrol cars sitting in the right shoulder with their radar or lasar guns sticking out the window, and they jump on the accelerator when the radar goes off. At the same time, someone who is following too closely or not signaling or, to push it to the extreme, driving backwards, won't trip the radar so they will sit there eating donuts until the radar goes off.

    While I am at it, I must admit that my pet peeve is the ever-increasing number of drivers who do not signal. IHere in California it appears to be about half of the drivers Is it lazyness, callousness, or just plain stupidity? I can't count how many times I have had drivers pull right in front of me (almost hitting me) and not even bothering signaling. Perhaps courtesy is on its way out.

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    2000 camaro ss

    1500 every 6 months from esurance 24 years old in south florida , I guess I'm getting ripped off!

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    98 Formula /93 Z28

    I pay about $2600 a year through Progressive for my Formula and Trailblazer combined and thats only because I carry a $100 deductible on both. I'm 29 and my fiance who drives the Trailblazer is 24. I haven't had a ticket in about 3 years and she just got one about a year ago which raised the premium a bit to what it is now. I am in South Florida as well.

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    i have a 2001 SS, 27 years old, no accidents, a couple tickets, i pay $291 every 6 months for full coverage,500 deductible with USAA, but i also have 2 other cars a bike and house insurance on the policy. but even with all those i still pay less than most for some reason, i pay 496 every 6 months for full coverage on a 2004 jeep liberty,2001 camaro SS, liability on 88 olds cutlass supreme, 2000 yamaha R6.

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