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how much would a compression test go for?

This is a discussion on how much would a compression test go for? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Just as title says. B/c I'm lil weary about putting on my new parts in my ls1 b/c of the ...

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    how much would a compression test go for?

    Just as title says. B/c I'm lil weary about putting on my new parts in my ls1 b/c of the engine noise. It sounds bad to me, but idk tho. I'll have to video it and post it up on YouTube. But it sounds like a tick at first and then gets a good bit louder to a noise I can't really describe. Nothing to.. to bad, but you can deffinately hear it in the car. Sitting there and Driving around you can hear pretty well. I thought, piston slap, but I really don't know what that sounds like so..... That is just what I was guessing. I just know that is what our cars tend to do in some of them.

    Right now I'm currently at 55k and an oil change is needed. So I'm gonna go with Sarge's preference on this and run Pennzoil premium or ultra. Which ever is better!? I just don't know what weight to choose.? What is in there currently is RP 10w-30. Should I go a little thicker and if so what's the rating??

    I rarely ever beat the balls off it, but I do get on it sometimes. What I meant by that is I never am ripping it through all the gears maybe like two or three at the most to 4500rpm's. It's only been at the track once for three passes

    I think it hit redline twice since I had it. But isn't that the reason for redline so that you don't damage things? It was bc of a miss-shift!! Like I said, to me beating on it would be; me going from second to 4k-4500rpms then shifting to third and same thing to fourth & fifth. Or being at 45mph and dropping it to second. Which is right around 3500-4000rpms (I think) and quick shifting to third by 4-5k.

    Well in any case that's why I'm looking to do a compression test. B/c I just don't wanna put 10k worth of parts into a motor that may blow up on me.

    I'll post up a video later today prolly around 10am just so you get a better idea of what i am talking about. B/c lets face it I'm not the greatest at put thoughts to words it just confuses

    Thanks for reading!!!!
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    i dunno... i'd give some local shops a call... i think jd's auto repair is close by you... that is where i went for my dyno tune...

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    A compression test will probably cost around $100 give or take.
    The tool will cost about $40-50 max and it's the easiest to do, hint hint.

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