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how much?

This is a discussion on how much? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; wicked illusions: you might have a misconception about financing a vechile that you purchase from out of state. if you ...

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    wicked illusions:

    you might have a misconception about financing a vechile that you purchase from out of state. if you have been approved, in most cases your lending institution will provide you with a check that you then write out to the seller of the vehicle (they are paid in full with that check). when that check gets cashed/deposited, yuor lending institution is then notified and thats when your payemnts start (to your lender). you are done with business between you and the seller and now its between you and your lender to make the payments to them/binding to their contract you agreed to. likewise, your lender then becomes a lein holder on the title of the car. if you sell the car before you pay it off you have to have the lein holder sign the back of the tilte and get it notorized in the state that the car ends up being titled, and registered in, along with your signature as well to present to the new owner'buyer of the car. i would say atleast 75% of cars bought by people come from out of state. i got my finanacing through HSBC, they sent me a check in the mail, i bought the car from a guy in Michigan, sent him the check and when the car was transported down, it came with the title and all the paper work. from there it was getting the car state inspected and then titled in the state of TX. they (the seller) got all the money and now im making the payments to HSBC monthly until i pay the car off. thats basically how a lending institution operates. im not always right though so anyone is free to expand my knowledge base...
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    Quote Originally Posted by illcul8troffcr
    Fuck all of yall .. deals on a SS 10 grand and 14 grand haha should have got balls and bought one and ordered it .. with no one raping your baby .. being the first one to slide into her.. and make that bitch yours.. aaaaaahhh it feels soo good haha but .. The check for the 35 grand sticker price fully loaded didnt feel soo good luckily I knew the girl salesperson and she gave it to me with discounts and I got it for $30.. so to all of ya who are getting this car at 1/3 or 2/3 of the original price .. I say kudoos ya lucky bastads
    I got lucky and was able to do both ! My car was brand new and I raped Chevorlet and got it for 12,500. With taxes, extras, and everything I think it came to 14,000. Luckily I had a friend that worked there as a salesman and hooked me up.


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