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Help me find one...

This is a discussion on Help me find one... within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey guys, i'm new to this forum..I have a built 03 silverado...But am looking to expand my garage...I want any ...

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    Help me find one...

    Hey guys, i'm new to this forum..I have a built 03 silverado...But am looking to expand my garage...I want any year LS1 Camaro Z/SS doesn't matter. My question to you guys is... What do you prefer? I have about 7 grand in hand.

    - How important is color to you?
    - Bone ass stock? Or maybe a lid/exhaust? Wouldn't mind find one with a few things but not a lot. I will not buy a heads/cam id rather do it myself.
    - Auto/6speed i've owned both...If i were a mustang boy it would def. be a manual, but i know a lot of guys with very quick autos..
    - Year 98-2002?
    - Mileage
    - What elese do you guys check out while looking?

    Just trying to see what you guys look for when looking for them.

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    You'll probably have better luck finding a Z for the price than an SS... people tend to tack on a premium when it's a real SS.

    Color was not important to me at all when trying to find my car.

    Mild mods are a bonus... it'll save you time / money. It's hard to find an LS car out there that is stock anymore.

    Transmission depends entirely on you. I prefer 6speeds, others prefer autos. You're going to have to make that decision on your own.

    I'd shoot for an 01-02 because they came with the LS6 intake manifold as opposed to the LS1 manifold.

    Mileage is kind of a crap shoot.... the true low mile cars are usually limited edition SS' or garage queens, and they will cost you a little more. The higher mile cars are either tired, or have been rebuilt. You're gonna have to do some research on the car you're looking at to determine if mileage means anything.

    Just look to see who owned it and if it was beat on. Look for the obvious overspray, mechanical issues, wear and tear. Check both window motors to see if they work. And honestly, just talk to the guy you're buying it from. I found the more you get them talking, the more they reveal so you don't even have to look for yourself.

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    To add to what Andy said, give the car a good going over if you know what to look for mechanically - ie. fluids, suspension and drivetrain componant wear/replacement, tire wear, ect.. If you don't know what to look for, take the car to a reputable mechanic for an inspection.

    Also, your goal for the car would play into many factors. Is it going to be a track car mainly? If so, many prefer an auto, as they are more consistant. Check to see if the rear is stock. If not, you could save a decent bit of cash. The same with suspension componants. Check body panel alignment, as that can be a good giveaway of a previous wreck. Good luck with your search. If you find a decent car, there are a few members near you on here that might be willing to meet, and look at the car with you, and give you advice.

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    Check out the below link. It's a sticky thread on "what to look for when buying a f-body"

    Guide to Buying a Fbody

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    i'm a bmw mechanic it will be thoroughly checked over

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