Hi everyone.

Ok, so here's the problem. I have a 2000 Camaro and a while back an ex of mine put something next to the cig. lighter and it pushed it in and held it in. Needless to say it smoked, poped, and blew the fuse. Ever since then my car charger and radar won't work in it, and if I try..it blows the fuse, EVERY time. So I went to the dealership and bought a new housing for it..I took the console apart and installed the new part. After getting aggrivated with other things, I got it all back to how it should be. I tested it out by pushing in the lighter...the freaking fuse blew. So..i'm thinking about replacing the wirse and etc behind it that is attached/leads to it.

My question is...what else can be put there instead of the cig. lighter? I don't smoke, and I don't let anyone smoke in my car. And, I deff. don't want that happening again. I was just thinking of another outlet/adapter like the other one thats in the car..or something to put in there to hook lights to(led's, or something like that) for inside the car. My friend has blue lights in his Camaro and it lights up the floors..it looks great and I love blue.

Any ideas would be great..thanks alot guys!