hey everyone- glad I'm now on the forums because i love my new car! I have a few questions about the newer Camaros. Long story short, Dec 22nd, some a-hole rear-ended my ol' Maro on the freeway as i was heading to work. I had to find a replacement fast before the new term started at Oregon St. and I was low on options of what I could afford, until this car was thrown at me in the form of an ad circled in the latest Auto Trader. That was 1/5, test drove on 1/6, they accepted the offer on 1/7, drove back up that Monday to take back the obscene Kia the insurance company provided for me and took this one back with me.

This is my new LS1 6 speed Z/28, bought from the second owners with just over 22,000 miles on her, for $9,500! (They were asking 12,000 for a while, not a bad deal I don't think) Anyway, an almost all-stock Z, the only things that were added were a Flowmaster Cat-back exhaust, B&M Ripper shifter and a K&N filter (big whoop). She runs great and will continue to do so. I just couldn't find any data tags like on my old 96 V6 that tell me the trim, suspension and rear-end. Does this car come stock with a 3.42 limited slip since it's a 6 speed Z/28? Just curious what you all thought. (And no, no ASR, I'm treading lightly in this Oregon downpour). Let me know what you think. A few track issues will be addressed for the summer but in the mean time, enjoy.