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Funeral for a Friend

This is a discussion on Funeral for a Friend within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; The gentleman whom I purchased the rims/tires for my Mr. Hyde and worked briefly at the location that swapped out ...

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    Funeral for a Friend

    The gentleman whom I purchased the rims/tires for my Mr. Hyde and worked briefly at the location that swapped out the LS1 for the LS6 and did the performance mods has a 2002 LE SS Camaro along with a Escalade, and a nice Dodge work truck. The Dodge was broken into and the radio was stolen. They also took some paperwork that had his home address on it. They also took his set of keys that were in the truck that had the Escalade and Camaro on it. Yep...3 days later the Camaro was gone. He found it literally cut into four seperate sections with what appeared to be one of those "jaws of life" contraptions approx. 5 miles from his home and it was completely gutted.
    You may be thinking why didn't he move it if he knew they had the keys to it? He has air suspension and he usually "drops" it to the ground. You can't move it until you start it, and those were the ONLY set of keys to it.
    To make matters worse, when the keys were stolen, he called his insurance agent to make sure he had full current value on both the Escalade and the Camaro and to let them know what happened. Now they have refused to pay the claim citing he has had the vehicle stolen to make a false claim, hence the prior phone call before the "theft"
    Oh..the insurance Company?.......Allstate.

    A moment of silence for my friend please.

    Thank you gentlemen.

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    Thats your typical bulls**t. Probably a nice guy that works hard all day and what does he get? F**kin screwed....moment of silence taken....

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    That's Allstate for you.

    Same company that cancelled my dad's policy years back when he got t-boned by a drunk driver running a red light. They said he was "due" to have an accident that was his fault. Even though my dad didn't even have as much as a parking ticket on his record.

    I feel for your friend though. I hope they catch the bastards that killed his car.

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    long moment taken

    damn insurance companies,glad i dont have allstate
    and another thing if you have farmers insurance they will screw you too so watch out

    maybe if we all got together and let a bunch of people know this kinda thing they would think twice about it

    i would tell your buddy to call his lawyer and see if he could take an ad out in the local papers explaining his situation,ive seen similiar cases where an ad in the newspaper made a big difference

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    Sorry to hear it. Hope it all works out.

    Remember in the 70's when Allstate used to advertise this big campaign against muscle cars?????

    They said they were dangerous etc....that pretty much killed any thoughts of using them for me back then. It's always stuck in my mind and I've avoided them ever since.

    Another moral to this story,,,,never ever ever leave anything in your car that has personal information.

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    insurance sucks

    very long moment taken

    I just bought my o2ss which has been a desire for a long time due to a seventeen year old girl on a cell phone. she turned right into me and took my left foot off and broke the femur real bad 15 months later still on crutches. but the wosrt part is insurance. yes we could not have survived without it and medical insurance but in the state of virginia you are only allowed to get what is called uninsured underinsured motorist coverage. So basically wiyh her 25,000 worth of coverage it was rediculous. I had to sue my own insurance companies (had four seperate policies in the house thank god.) each having 100,000 a piece coverage. well by the time you pay all the bills you rack up being out of work that long and so forth and the lawyer gets a third you end up with very little. so check your insurance policies and pay a little extra to have all your mods covered so if something like this happens to you you can rebuild your car. sorry to rant but insurance companies are worse thanopec they bleed every last sent out of you and leave you high and dry.

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