I hit the drag strip for the first time this season on May 16th and made 3 passes, my last pass was my best one.

60 ft.-----2.2002 (I pulled 2.0's stock)
1/8 mi.-----8.3871
1/8 mph-----88.96
1/4 mi.-----12.8292
1/4 mph-----109.990

Here's a video of the run.

The track is basically at sea level, I don't know the DA or anything. As you can see my 60ft. isn't very good due to traction issues, leaves room for improvement. I had tons of fun and happy to break into the 12's, going fast is addicting.

My mods are: lid, LS6 intake, longtubes, ORY, catback, subframe connectors, lower control arms, no back seats, no a/c, built transmission, 3600 stall, tuned by me, and 245 fuzion zri street tires. 153,000 miles on the car and engine.