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Engine Code P0410

This is a discussion on Engine Code P0410 within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; My 2002 SS Camaro is mostly garaged in climate controlled environment. I took it to get inspected just now and ...

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    Exclamation Engine Code P0410

    My 2002 SS Camaro is mostly garaged in climate controlled environment. I took it to get inspected just now and it failed to the code P0410. The inspector asked if the battery had been unplugged recently and I needed to drive it aprox 100 miles and bring it back. When I returned home I googled the code and it states something about the check valve and nothing about a battery. The battery was disconnected about a year ago, so I don't think it has anything to do with the battery since it was inspected last year after the battery was changed. The Check Engine light was not on earlier about 30 mins prior to me leaving. When I went to leave it was on and presumed it was for an oil change.

    Can you tell me what it could be for and how to fix it?

    Thank you for your feedback in advance.

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    The code has to do with the secondary air injection pump. From the 2002 service manual page 6-1541, "during start-up the powertrain control module (PCM) supplies a ground to the AIR pump relay, which energizes the AIR pump. The PCM monitors the heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) voltages in order to diagnose the AIR system. During the AIR test, the PCM activates the AIR pump during closed loop operation. When the AIR is activated the PCM monitors the HO2S voltages, and monitors the short term fuel trim values for both banks of the engine. If the AIR system is operating correctly, the HO2S voltages should be low and the short-term fuel trim should be high. If the PCM determines that the HO2S voltages for both banks did not respond with the expected results during the tests, DTC P0410 sets. If only 1 sensor responded, the PCM sets either DTC P1415 or DTC P1416. The active DTC indicates which bank has the inoperative AIR system."

    After that, there are several pages of diagnostics to walk through that you would need a copy of the service manual and someone to read you through all the options. If it were me, I would first clear the code then drive a bit to see if it resets. After that if the code comes back you need to look at the AIR system and your Oxygen sensors.

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    Take a look at this - covers pretty much everything about the secondary air system. Most likely issue is a bad check valve.

    Link: Secondary Air: Diagnosing and Removal

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