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Is Either of These Worth the Price?

This is a discussion on Is Either of These Worth the Price? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by 67CamaroRSSS FWIW, dealer wanted $22K for the 02 in my sig with 29K miles on it back ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 67CamaroRSSS View Post
    FWIW, dealer wanted $22K for the 02 in my sig with 29K miles on it back in 05. I talked them down to $18K (dings dents, etc). They asked what I wanted for the 96 Z28 vert I had at the time. I told them, "No sale (it was the only new car I'd ever bought)." They asked, "Well, what do you think it's worth?" I said $10K at least (it had 50K miles on it - they only made 3,000 or so Z28 verts in 96). They offered $9K, I said no. They offered $10K, I said let me think on it. I walk out to the car and figure what needed fixed now or soon. Dealer dude comes out and says, "$11K and thats my final offer." Needless to say I made the trade and drove off in the 02. My cost: $7,000... (plus the vert).

    Iv'e modded and beat the crap out of that 02 (it's my race car more or less - it now has just over 50k on the clock) and it begs for more...
    How has the drivetrain held up on your '02? Have you modded it at all yet or are you going to wait until something goes first?

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    personally, i would get the '97. just because parts are new doesn't mean something is wrong. it's preventitive maintenance like we all do to our cars. other times shit simply wears out and needs to be replaced.

    i would not do the '98 because it is the least desirible year for the ls1 in an f-body. prone to oil and cooling issues resulting in overheating and spun rod bearings. i can tell you this from personal experience about the latter. not to mention fickle PCM's.

    plus Lt1 parts are cheaper than Ls1 parts.

    i could never buy an A4 f-body, no matter the price.

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    Sadly now demodded :(

    Quote Originally Posted by MICopper11 View Post
    How has the drivetrain held up on your '02? Have you modded it at all yet or are you going to wait until something goes first?
    See my sig. The only unmolested part of the drivetrain is the engine. I changed out the pushrods for better ones for reliability purposes. Mind you, with the exception of the rear end (weak ass POS!) all changes have been for improved performance or reliability.

    Changed to a smooth lid and smooth bellows about about the same time I did the exhaust. I did the TD's back in 07.

    Tranny was modded at ~40k miles. Didn't really need it but I did the TC then and decided to upgrade (Beast sun shell, deleted TM and added a Trans-Go shift kit, drill mod to the valve body, Raybestos racing clutches and a whole lotta little stuff that my tranny guy does to make them live - tranny was already out so why not). Changed the TA to eliminate wheel hop at that point.

    The biggest PITA has been the rearend. I should never have attempted to do anything to the 10 bolt except throw it out. So far I've been through 5 gear sets and 2 posi's. I should've listend to the crowd and just went with a 12 bolt. If I ever have to do anything to the rear again that's what I'll do.

    Throw in a couple of sets of drag radials (555r's 1st, now the M/T's) and there you have it. I might be able to shave a few more tenths but if I want to go much faster I'll have to go cam and/or heads if I want to stay N/A...

    Today, with just over 50,xxx miles on her I have a fairly fast (it runs a whole lot better when I go back to Los Angeles to visit) and reliable car that I can drive anywhere.

    Also, FWIW, it's not my DD. That's what the 98 is for. And with 183,xxx miles on her (stock down to the Helmholtz resonators) she still purrs like a kitten and runs like a raped ape.
    67 Camaro: K-K + 797-z (look it up), 454/Th400/4.10 12-bolt = 6mpg, PS/PDB/PW tilt, tach, gauges...

    2005 Corvette LS2/M6 Magnetic Red Metallic (What else would it be?) w/ Cashmere interior

    2002 Z28: NBM/Tan, MTI smooth lid, smooth bellows, !AIR, !cats, 1-3/4" QTP SS LT's, 2-1/2" TD's with X-pipe, MagnaFlows dumped at axle, custom welded SFC's, MidWest Chassis body mount adjustable T/A, 3400 stall, 3.23 gears (was 2.73). Tuned: 343rwhp/357rwt (before TD's). Best: 12.559 @ 108+, 1.73 60' @ 3500' DA w/MT ET Street DR's.

    Carbon footprint? CLOWN SHOE!

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