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Dyno plus tune = big grins...

This is a discussion on Dyno plus tune = big grins... within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Well we started out I was sick 326 and 329 and AF was bad as well with an 11.0 - ...

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    Talking Dyno plus tune = big grins...

    Well we started out I was sick 326 and 329 and AF was bad as well with an 11.0 - 11.75 at WOT. So on the second pull we pulled some fuel and pulled a 377/372 which was close but then it was slightly lean so we added some fuel back in and pulled the final dyno of the night TA DA!!!

    380.56RWHP / 375.75 RWTQ SAE
    389.93RWHP / 384.78 RWTQ STD

    AFR was 12.9x - 13.06
    Temp 89.9*
    Humidity 36%
    Pressure 30.29 in-Hg

    On a side note the eibach pro kit is coming off. When I put my car on the dyno and we were strapping it down I noticed the exhaust pipe above the panhard bar is chushed!!! I believe I may need a new exhaust from the intermediate pipe back or at least the 1 pipe that runs over the axle. I may have a little HP in there...cutout, and some simple stuff might get me over the hump.

    I will post a graph later. I am tired, just got in from Mobile 20 min. ago.

    Mods are listed on my web page. Heads/TR 224 cam/jet hot headers and Y-pipe.
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    The car drives almost like stock after the tune and there is a definite improvement in the MPG. I used half a tank of gas on the way to RWTD in Mobile and just over a 1/4 on the way back.

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    Stock Dyno with STD correction 311/315

    Modified tuned Dyno STD correction

    Modified tuned Dyno SAE correction

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