I am wondering if you could please help me. It is in regards to Camaro Door Latches... I have a 1992 Camaro and need to replace my passenger side Door latch.

I have always been under the impression that the 1982-1992 Doors were EXACTLY THE SAME. The internals as well as the Externals were completely compatible with each other. To my surprize I discovered that the GM Part numbers for the 1982 - 1992 Are DIFFERENT (3 in total).

I Have asked around and to my local Dealership and NO ONE can explain what is the difference. People on Camaro forums SWEAR the Doors on 1992 are completely interchangable with 1982-1991's and are puzzled as to why there is a difference.

The Part numbers are as followed:

[1982 - 1987]

RH - 16608234
LH - 16608235


RH - 20696712
LH - 20696713

1989 - 1992]

RH - 16608068
LH - 16608069

I have contacted my local dealership but they say the product is "NOT AVAILABLE" and has no way of tracing it out. So I have to resort to ordering online but obviously need to ensure they are compatible..

WHAT exactly is different?? And does that guarantee that a 1982-1987 will NOT fit a 1992's door??