Cylinder Head Port Design - CHP How It Works

Part 2 Of Our Cylinder Head Roundtable. Our All-Star Cast Of Experts Chime In On The Most Intriguing Aspects Of Cylinder Head Port Design.The intricacies of airflow dynamics through a cylinder head are some of the most difficult concepts to grasp in all of hot rodding. That made it the perfect topic to discuss in the inaugural installment of CHP's new "How it Works" department last month. As it turns out, we underestimated the sheer volume of meaty tech info our expert cylinder head designers not-so-willingly coughed up, so now we're making a call to the bullpen and heading to extra innings.inline_mediumwraptextright0028721362/tech/engines_drivetrain/cams_heads_valvetrain/1006chp_cylinder_head_port_design1006chp_02_o+cyli nder_head_port_design+machine.jpgtrue

Photo Gallery: Cylinder Head Port Design - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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