Cylinder Head Design & Misconceptions - CHP Insider

Read about the Cylinder Head design and development process and common misconceptions explained by AFR with topics about valve angle, design parameters.Peer under the hood of the fast cars at the 'strip or the local burger joint and you'll see the AFR logo etched into more than a few cylinder heads. Racers demand provenperformance, so it's no coincidence that many of them turn to Airflow Research for their cylinder heads. Almost forgotten due to the company's overwhelming success in the street/'strip arena is its decorated history in the most competitive ranks of professional racing. Over the years, AFR has powered top drag racers such as Bill Jenkins, Warren Johnson, and Bill Glidden to the winner's circle. Likewise, NASCAR legends Richard Petty, Darrel Waltrip, and Cale Yarborough all racked up multiple championships thanks to AFR cylinder heads. In other words, these guys make some darn good stuff.

Photo Gallery: Cylinder Head Design & Misconceptions - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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