Classic Industries Reproduction Sheet Metal Insight - CHP Insider

Find out why Classic Industries is one of the largest restoration parts companies and what it takes to create reproduction sheet metal.Order Fulfillment
"With the thousands of parts that we stock, efficiently streamlining the logistics of order fulfillment is critical in ensuring that our customers receive the right parts in a timely manner. About 10 years ago, we relied on a DOS-based invoicing system custom written for our company, but we've come a long way since then. With our current system, our computers and phone system share information to simplify the ordering process. When a customer calls into our sales department, the computer automatically looks up their phone number and pulls up the account number and the billing and shipping info that goes along with it to assist our reps in placing an order. The computer system then sends a paper invoice to our warehouse and can instruct our employees exactly where to find each part. After every item on the pick list has been grabbed, the barcode on every part is scanned before it's boxed up to verify that the order is correct. For orders that ship in multiple boxes, it lets us log exactly which parts are in each box."

Photo Gallery: Classic Industries Reproduction Sheet Metal Insight - Chevy High Performance

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